Our Fiberglass Pools Concrete Pools Vinyl Liner Pools
Warranty Lifetime Warranty 1-10 Years Liner Seams Only
Maintenance Hours Per Week 1 Hour 8 Hours 6 Hours
Financing Acceptability Excellent Excellent Good
Surface Smooth Rough Slippery
Time To Install 2 Weeks 6-12 Weeks 2-3 Weeks
Acid Wash Never As Needed Never
Re-Painting, Plastering, Marciting, or Liner Replacement Never 1-8 Years 3-10 Years
Quality Controlled One piece pool manufactured in a controlled enviroment. Installed in a changing enviroment. Components installed in a changing enviroment.
Type of Coping Smooth Fiberglass Rough Concrete Painted Aluminum
Steps & Seating Built-In, One piece design Optional During Construction Bolt-On Option
Relocation Possibility Yes Never Never
Drainage of Pool Never Yearly In Freezing Climates When Repaired or Replacement of Liner
Objectional Features None Expensive to Build and Maintain Liners Deteriorate, Easy to Damage